SmartTrade gets CME connectivity certification for FX futures

Source: smartTrade Technologies

SmartTrade Technologies, an industry leader in cross-asset liquidity management solutions today announced the certification to CME Group for FX Futures using the smartTrade Technologies LiquidityConnect component.

The addition of FX futures from CME Group will enable organizations to benefit from accessing and trading on the liquidity provided by the CME Group in their FX Futures product suite. CME Group FX futures contracts are listed by and subject to the rules of CME.

The connection to CME Group was done in the FIX/FAST protocol using the smartTrade Technologies LiquidityConnect component. FIX/FAST is the basis for CME Group's market data distribution and offers reduced latency at both average and peak message rates. The smartTrade Technologies LiquidityConnect is a highly configurable trading-connectivity platform that natively supports FIX, FIX / FAST and bespoke protocols for quick time-to-market connectivity.

Harry Gozlan CEO and founder smartTrade Technologies comments: "The connection to the CME was a fast and seamless process for the certification using our software. We are very pleased to be able to offer an additional way for organizations to access and trade FX Futures liquidity using smartTrade Technologies connector."

The CME Group connector for FX Futures will be added to the smartTrade Technologies LiquidityConnectTM for FX Product Group which has over 22 FX connections today including:

• EBS Live
• FXall
• Knight Hotspot FX
• Currenex
• Royal Bank of Scotland
• BofA Merrill Lynch
• BAXTER's CurrencyDealing.Net
• eSpeed FX
• Citi
• Credit Suisse
• Goldman Sachs
• Nomura
• J.P Morgan
• Thomson Reuters

smartTrade Technologies LiquidityConnect for FX Product allows enterprises to have access to multiple FX markets from one unified point of connectivity (one normalized view). LiquidityConnect for FX is run as a standalone software product, but is also fully integrated into the smartTrade Technologies L LMS product range. The connectivity in the LiquidityConnect for FX Product has been built by smartTrade Technologies to offer to the market a product that is easy and fast to implement and requires less resources to support. For those organizations that have their own technology, they now have an ability to quickly build a range of functionality around this unified point of connectivity in order to control their costs and enhance their services, including the transformation of Futures prices into synthetic spot equivalent, all at a very low latency.

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