Cosmos Technologies launches cash management module

Source: Cosmos Technologies

Cosmos Technologies, the product development arm of Indus Valley Partners, today announced the addition of a new product - "Cosmos Cash Master" to its product suite.

Efficient cash and liquidity management has become a key area of concern for hedge funds as well as for the regulatory authorities planning to oversee their activities. Cosmos Cash Master supports the cash management process by enabling the automatic generation, confirmation and approval of bank wires via SWIFT.

By interfacing with the global SWIFT payments network, Cosmos Cash Master can securely and seamlessly connect external counterparties to make or receive any cash payment (e.g. a margin call or a swap reset). For additional security, a built-in audit trail tracks the creation & approval process, as well as all incoming and outgoing wire payments and timestamps them alongside counterparty details.

Said Gurvinder Singh, CEO of Cosmos Technologies/Indus Valley Partners: "We realized that the hedge fund industry needed to have a cash management solution which could easily interface with counterparties and enable fast and secure payments processing. This is why we adopted SWIFT with its established messaging protocol and secure global payments network, and developed a product around it which can be implemented with minimal disruption to a client's infrastructure."

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