SunGard unveils Fame EnergyServer

Source: SunGard

SunGard has extended its Fame solution suite to help energy and commodities market participants control costs and enter new markets while meeting internal and external compliance requirements.

SunGard's Fame energy and commodities solution suite is comprised of Fame Energy Web, Fame EnergyServer and Fame Energy Managed Data Services, providing a single solution suite to support the market data needs of energy traders, consumers and producers. The components can be deployed individually or as a comprehensive solution suite.

The ever increasing volumes in exchange-traded energy and commodities markets has opened up opportunities for automated trading strategies that were originally developed for the equities markets. To support automated trading, companies require a tick data solution. With this launch, SunGard adds millisecond data storage capabilities to Fame EnergyServer, creating a solution that meets the unique requirements of the intersection of commodities markets and algorithmic trading. With the new Fame EnergyServer, customers can develop and test their trading models and, as they commence trading, continue to effectively test the models and manage the risk of their automated trading strategies.

In addition, regulators and internal compliance departments are increasing pressure on energy and commodities traders to track throughout the day all components of their pricing and profit and loss including market prices. These demands are increasing operational costs and requiring companies to centralize and audit their market data repositories. Fame Energy can help customers by providing a standardized approach to tracking the who, what, when and why of all changes made to market data over time. In addition, Fame Energy can help customers control who can use and who is usingthird party market data, so that customers can comply with their legal obligations to the owners of this data and control their data costs.

Leslie Barbagallo, chief operating officer for SunGard's energy and commodities business, said, "Customers need centralized data repositories, data entitlement and data metering to meet their obligations and controlrol their costs by only licensing the data they need. In addition, commodities market data participants need solutions designed for commodities markets, with time series capabilities, intrinsic understanding of the difference between a barrel of oil and a megawatt of power, and a forward view on what will trade next. Fame Energy helps banks reduce spending, meet compliance requirements and trade in new markets and in new ways, such as automated trading."

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