MY CU Services and ProfitStars team up

Source: Jack Henry & Associates

Jack Henry & Associates (NASDAQ:JKHY), a leading provider of computer systems and electronic payment solutions primarily for financial services organizations, announced today that MY CU Services LLC, a CUSO of Mid-Atlantic Corporate Federal Credit Union, has partnered with ProfitStars to begin offering its ACH Manager and OnNet payments solutions to its corporate credit union partners.

MY CU Services leverages its strong corporate credit union relationships to provide the industry with greater access to the products and services that are key to credit unions' everyday business opportunities. ProfitStars' ACH Manager and OnNet solutions were selected because of their proven results as market leaders and ability to address credit unions' immediate needs with processing efficiency, cost saving initiatives, and fee income stability. Mid-Atlantic Corporate will offer the solutions to its 800 credit union members, as will MY CU Services to its corporate credit union partners.

Drew Kishbaugh, president and CEO at MY CU Services, explained, "Credit unions require competitive payment automation solutions at an affordable price, and ProfitStars is the stable, experienced provider that can deliver on those criteria. Providing its ACH Manager and OnNet solutions to corporate credit unions can further operational efficiencies and performance throughout the industry."

ProfitStars' ACH Manager enables credit unions to automate processing of all outgoing and incoming ACH files as a convenient, fully secure ASP-hosted solution. OnNet solutions deliver configurable online processes for managing payments, settlement, respondent-to-respondent clearing (R2R), electronic data workflow and communications between correspondent organizations and their respondents, the Federal Reserve, and other end points.

David Foss, president of ProfitStars, added, "MY CU Services is bringing ProfitStars' payment solutions to the market forefront, supporting corporate credit unions with strong, reliable technologies to impact their growth and stability. This universal effort on behalf of all corporates provides member credit unions with greater availability to the products and services that they need to compete in today's financial services environment."

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