StreamBase upgrades CEP software

Source: StreamBase

StreamBase Systems today launched version 7 of its market-leading Complex Event Processing (CEP) software.

StreamBase version 7 provides breakthrough enhancements to the usability of the industry's only native visual development environment, with developer productivity innovations drawn from the cutting edge consumer user experience platforms like Apple iOS and Windows 7. As a result StreamBase version 7 dramatically increases the speed and quality of application innovation by allowing both business users and IT to collaborate in building event-driven applications of all kinds, such as automated trading systems, pre-trade risk management, and real-time fraud detection.

Redesigned Graphical Studio: The next-generation of the StreamBase Studio development environment has been fundamentally redesigned with version 7, and provides advanced graphical code layout, hotkeys, group layout, and rendering controls; support for custom module and extension point styles; a new rendering look and feel to ensure code is easier to follow at a glance; new mouse and keyboard gestures to increase EventFlow coding productivity, such as on-canvas renaming of components; new hotkeys that give the ability to instantly create CEP language operators; and layout-alignment shortcuts.

Software Development Lifecycle Productivity: Software development lifecycle usability is dramatically enhanced in StreamBase 7, and helps developers test, deploy, debug and refactor applications more quickly then ever before. StreamBase 7 includes new code refactoring wizards; 400% faster application execution while debugging; the ability to attach Studio to a running StreamBase server; a new XML editor; dynamic extension points that allow users to configure StreamBase applications quickly at runtime; and support for 64-bit workstations for very large StreamBase application development.

StreamBase CEP Performance: Version 7 of StreamBase continues to advance StreamBase's performance for applications requiring ultra-low latency. Already designed to meet the demands of microsecond-level low latency operations at high volumes (hundreds of thousands of events per second on a single commodity server), StreamBase 7 introduces new server configuration options that provide the user with fine-grain control of the tradeoffs between ultra-low-latency and throughput. StreamBase 7 introduces overall platform performance improvements of over 20% and microsecond-level optimizations of connectivity options.

Ultra Low Latency FIX Connectivity: StreamBase is already known for its low latency connectivity architecture and in StreamBase 7 FIX connectivity has been dramatically enhanced. In benchmark testing, the new StreamBase FIX engine has clocked in at 50-75 microseconds send time depending on message size, all while running on Linux and commodity hardware.

Connectivity Expansion Including Hardware-Based Middleware Integration: StreamBase has added 22 connectivity options in StreamBase 7 to make it easier for developers to connect StreamBase to their existing and next generation IT infrastructure, including hardware-based middleware for ultra-low latency operations, 10 new FX market connectivity options, FX price publication, and enhanced low latency middleware connectivity such as Wombat, 29West, Solace, and Tervela. Finally, a new 64-bit Microsoft Excel adapter supports very large spreadsheet connectivity to StreamBase data, with support for Office 2010.

"The usability of StreamBase Studio helped us develop a new Valdi product, we used it to describe requirements collaboratively with IT and because we were working with the actual code, we made better architectural decisions early that made for a better first release," said Chris Lees, vice president of SunGard's global trading business.

"Thomas Edison once said, 'I make more mistakes than anyone else I know, and sooner or later, I patent them.' This rapid implementation and ability to quickly iterate and innovate is what StreamBase is all about," said Mark Palmer, CEO at StreamBase Systems. "Firms like SunGard exemplify the dramatic competitive advantage achieved from the usability of StreamBase Studio - a way of building event-based applications that matches how you think about them. Now, with StreamBase 7, we make our legendary usability simpler, faster, and easier to use."

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