Ise launches options trading system

Source: International Securities Exchange

The International Securities Exchange (ISE) today launched its new options trading system on Deutsche Börse Group's Optimise trading architecture.

The implementation of Optimise marks a critical milestone for the new system, which was developed by drawing on contributions from the expert technology teams at Deutsche Börse and ISE. With Optimise, ISE will significantly improve the latency profile of its trading system and offer enhanced functionality to member firms.

Daniel Friel, ISE's Chief Information Officer, said, "The Optimise launch positions ISE at the forefront of global exchange technology. The system achieves the ideal blend of speed, capacity and rich functionality that are three critical differentiators in the highly competitive U.S. options industry. As we begin the phased migration to the new system, I am extremely proud of the cross-Atlantic teams that have worked tirelessly to get us to this point. I look forward to delivering all of the benefits of this new technology to ISE's member firms."

The Optimise launch began with ten symbols that trade in ISE's Second Market. The migration of symbols in ISE's primary market will begin in May, with the full roll out expected to conclude by the end of July.

Jürg Spillman, Optimise Program Manager, stated, "With the launch of Optimise at ISE, we have taken an extremely important first step in establishing a new foundation for the technology infrastructure at Deutsche Börse. The Optimise trading architecture is a best-in-class solution that affirms Deutsche Börse's technology leadership in the derivatives space."

For more information on Optimise and details of ISE's implementation, member firms can

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