PhoneFactor looks to cash in on RSA breach with token trade-in offer

Source: PhoneFactor

PhoneFactor, the leading provider of phone-based multi-factor authentication, today launched a program designed to assist organizations impacted by the recent breach at RSA involving the company's SecurID token products. The Token Replacement Program, which runs through June 30, 2011, provides credits of up to $5 per token and special assistance for companies migrating to PhoneFactor's phone-based two-factor platform.

The recent RSA breach has many companies re-examining their use of security tokens for two-factor authentication. While the ramifications of the breach are not yet fully known, RSA has disclosed that the information obtained by hackers relative to its SecurID tokens "could potentially be used to reduce the effectiveness of a current two-factor authentication implementation."

"PhoneFactor has already begun working with organizations that are looking to quickly move off of the RSA SecurID platform," said Tim Sutton, PhoneFactor CEO and co-founder. PhoneFactor's phone-based platform is uniquely positioned to enable rapid implementation and deployment. For banks, PhoneFactor's Universal Banking Gateway can be used to roll out the service in just weeks. For enterprise, healthcare, and government organizations, PhoneFactor offers off-the-shelf support for a wide range of applications and automated enrollment tools to expedite deployment to their employees. There are no security tokens to ship to end users and no software for them to install; the service works instantly with the user's existing phone.

"For many, the incident further validates the growing shift from security tokens to phone-based authentication, which offers stronger protection and better meets the needs of today's users and applications," said Sutton. "Organizations have been steadily migrating to phone-based authentication over the last few years, but the RSA breach has certainly created a heightened sense of urgency for many. Organizations are no longer comfortable waiting out their token contract before making a change."

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