Infor updates financial management system

Source: Infor

Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving over 70,000 customers, today announced the next generation financial management solution from Infor. Infor FMS SunSystems Enterprise features superior usability, greater reporting capabilities and smart integration to additional application products.

FMS SunSystems Enterprise provides a single solution to help financial managers access information quickly, manage internal change to their business, remain compliant with multiple and changing regulatory environments, and grow globally in any market.

News Points
• Infor FMS SunSystems Enterprise is the next generation of financial management solutions from Infor, with superior capabilities that help reduce costs, shorten financial close processes, achieve data consistency, enforce global financial standards and processes, and improve financial transparency.
• Enhancements in FMS SunSystems Enterprise include:
 Infor Workspace, a consumer grade user experience, based on MicrosoftTM Sharepoint, that provides a consistent look and feel with a single sign-on, unified navigation and in-context collaboration to multiple Infor applications, simplifying financial management, saving time and increasing usability.
 A Web-based user interface to provide cost effective remote access, streamline processes, make information available when it is needed and reduce time to complete financial management tasks.
 Improved reporting capabilities that help managers make accurate decisions with less reliance on IT through a new reporting tool and report designer, with a library of standard reports.
 Ad hoc reporting functionality from Infor PM Query & Analysis that will run inside web parts providing in-context operational intelligence that will aid real time decision making.
• FMS SunSystems Enterprise will use Infor ION to provide advanced yet simple application integration, business process management and shared data reporting.
• FMS SunSystems Enterprise will be unveiled in the UK on Tuesday April 12th at Millbank Tower, London.

"SunSystems Enterprise represents an exciting opportunity for SHL to help improve the way we work," saidp improve the way we work," said Charlesk," said Charles May, Systems Accountant, SHL. "As a multi-national company the ability to enter transactions and inquire about our financial position via the web is a tremendous asset. Currently we use a well known product to 'publish' our applications to end users. The web enablement of SunSystems will significantly decrease our reliance on such products and lead to fewer servers being used. As a result, on-going cost savings are expected over the life of this new system, even while our business is growing rapidly."

"Infor FMS SunSystems Enterprise gives users a broad range of reporting and analysis capabilities that greatly increase its value to company executives, who can get better information sooner," said Robert Kugel, senior vice president of Ventana Research. "It reduces IT overhead by enabling users to create or modify periodic or ad hoc analyses and reports without IT department involvement, as well as allowing remote users to work through a browser instead of requiring software to be deployed at every location."

"FMS SunSystems Enterprise is the next generation of financial management systems, empowering financial managers to escape from constraints of traditional applications and employ 'Smart Transactions,' to redefine their business on the fly," said Chris Murphy, senior vice president, Financial Management Systems, Infor. "Further, with the introduction of Infor ION and the new consumer-grade user experience, financial managers will benefit from new workflow capabilities to proactively deliver tasks and alerts from multiple applications, and role-specific information such as KPIs and reports."

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