Fox launches DVD ad campaign on ATMs

Source: ATM:ad

Fox Home Entertainment will be the first advertiser to run four separate campaigns back-to-back on ATM:ad, promoting a special price offer on four DVD movies in ASDA stores nationwide.

The ads, which will run across cashpoints at 146 ASDA stores, kick off on April 4th for two weeks with "Garfield - The Movie". This will be followed by three further releases lasting two weeks each, promoting "iRobot", then "Master and Commander", and finally "Ice Age".

Each ad will feature snippets of live video from the movie, as well as a take-away reminder of the price promotion via the dynamically printed receipt. ATM:ad is the only medium being used for this special offer, and is expected to generate 3 million one-to-one opportunities over the eight week period.

ATM:ad - a highly accountable advertising solution which allows targeted advertising campaigns to run across ATM networks - has been used by a growing number of high profile brands since it launched last June, however this is the first time that four separate ads have been booked into one rolling campaign.

The campaign was planned for Fox by Starcom Mediavest. Tom Brunner, Account Manager, said: "The fact that the majority of ATM users access the machine immediately before going in to the store, along with the consumer insights that our target audience are on the look out for special offers, and tend to pay by cash rather than with credit cards meant that we had a perfect fit in terms of targeting and environment."

The Fox DVD campaign is colourful and attractive, making good use of ATM:ad's 10 second animated "Attract" sequence which loops before the customer inserts their card, and the five-second animated "In-transaction" sequence whilst the customer waits for their cash or other service.

Chris O'Donnell at OneZeroOne, the digital arm of specialist Poster Publicity, who booked the campaign, said: "As an agency we are always looking for opportunities to communicate with consumers in a way that is impactful, accountable and good value for our investment. ATM:ad have a medium that is all these things and we are delighted to be working with them on Fox's latest campaign."

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