Tbricks launches ETF trading module

Source: Tbricks

Tbricks, the provider of innovative high performance trading systems, today announces that it has officially launched Tbricks ETF Trading to facilitate trading, pricing, market-making, basket hedging and currency hedging in exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Designed specifically to meet the needs of ETF market-makers and ETF traders requiring automated hedging, Tbricks ETF Trading takes advantage of Tbricks' fully server-based cluster architecture, which combines the lowest latency possible with unprecedented front-end and server configurability.

"Institutions are increasingly looking for new opportunities for trading gains," said Jonas Hansbo, CEO of Tbricks. "The European ETF sector has been particularly compelling for USbased clients, who are coming to Europe to repeat their successes in a different geographical region. Many of them are already taking advantage of our technology, performance and scaleability to generate more trading revenues."

Tbricks is well placed to help these firms, said Hansbo. "Not only does the Tbricks platform offer them the ideal environment for running their trading strategies," he said, "but we can also make introductions to our partners and contacts in order to reduce time-to-market and total cost ownership."

Tbricks focuses on the needs of proprietary traders who require the most advanced trading system for executing automated trading strategies. Tbricks offers access to key European and US markets, where appropriate forging relationships with local access providers that allow its clients to leverage its fast and modern trading system architecture for their proprietary trading strategies.

The new Tbricks ETF Trading modules offer key capabilities that satisfy all ETF market participants.

For Market Makers
Tbricks ETF Trading supports advanced quoting logic with automatic hedging of the underlying basket or future, advanced portfolio management for basket residuals and automated basket management. It makes complex trading easy, transparent and efficient, and allows marketmakers to use their own trading logic.

For Arbitrageurs
Tbricks ETF Trading's ultra-fast trading and hedging, with strategies written in C++, has been built for multiple co-location using native exchange connectivity. Its low-latency approach minimises missed hedging opportunities.

Tbricks ETF Trading supports delta hedging on portfolios, and offers flexible hedging of baskets and futures. Its approach ensures easy tracking of non-filled hedges and supports manual intervention where required.

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