IMM upgrades TotaleReceipts

Source: Integrated Media Management

Integrated Media Management (IMM), a document output management and automation technology provider, today announced the availability of TotaleReceipts 6.0, the latest release of its solution that automates the output of teller transaction receipts.

TotaleReceipts removes preprinted receipts and their need to be manually scanned, indexed or retrieved. The platform provides a real-time teller log that is viewable from any workstation, which eases end of day teller balancing. IMM's newest version of TotaleReceipts includes several enhancements to the user interface, such as more efficient document search and sort capabilities and greater administrator control and customization, all of which contributes to a faster, easier user experience. Additionally, TotaleReceipts 6.0, which is built on the foundation of Microsoft .net 4.0, enables financial institutions to generate indexed PDFs locally at the teller counter optionally, reducing network traffic.

Other key features of TotaleReceipts 6.0 are:
• Ability for upgrades to be centrally administered and deployed from a single location rather than needing to update each teller station individually;
• Improved teller logs to streamline the reporting of transactions within the database;
• Automated entry of disbursements or cash denominations on receipts, integrated with the core system;
• Inclusion of hold notice functionality to print notices for check holds with hosts;
• Support for credit union designed XML receipts; and
• Seamless integration with IMM's Check 21 Teller Item Capture.

"Our responsibility to provide customers with the most flexible, robust technology does not end with their initial investment; it is an ongoing process," explained Chuck Klein, CEO of Integrated Media Management. "IMM continually works to improve the features and functionality of its solutions so that its customers can achieve the greatest possible return."

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