GigaSpaces and SuperDerivatives in platform partnership

Source: GigaSpaces

GigaSpaces Technologies, a leading provider of a new generation of virtualized application platforms delivering end-to-end scalability, announces that SuperDerivatives (SD), a world-leading derivatives solutions provider, is using GigaSpaces eXtreme Application Platform (XAP) with some of its SD risk management solutions.

"Our customers need a solution that can handle heavy calculations simultaneously while ensuring performance, scalability and high availability," says Matty Roter, Director of IT & Operations at SD. "XAP technology combined with our solution gives our clients a clear competitive edge."

SD is using XAP, the next generation of middleware to enhance the performance of some of its risk management solutions. XAP is an end-to-end virtualized application platform that allows for application processing and messaging services within the same in-memory data grid.

The XAP architecture allows SD, which offers independent pricing, management, risk and revaluation tools, combined with wide asset coverage and consistent methodology, to support intensive computations, which break down heavy calculations into multiple sub-tasks running in parallel, increasing processing speed by the provisioning of additional resources on the fly.

"Speed, scalability and reliability are critical for financial services applications," says Adi Paz, GigaSpaces Executive Vice President for Marketing and Business Development. "Using XAP, SD customers can rest assured they enjoy a fast, reliable, and scalable execution of terabytes of data with minimal latency."

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