Orange Business Services forms partnership with Praxis

Source: Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions

Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions, the leader in voice and electronic trading infrastructure and services for the trading communities, today announced a strategic partnership with Praxis, a Mexican company providing consultancy integration and development of Trading Solutions' products and services in Mexico.

The partnership will provide new business opportunities for Trading Solutions as it further develops its presence in North America.

The first short term goal of the partnership is to drive new customer implementations of Trading Solutions' products in Mexico City where Praxis is headquartered and the majority of its financial clients are located. Praxis, which already has access to 35 per cent of financial institutions within Mexico, will also provide customers with locally-based support contacts should they require assistance. In 2011, Praxis is extending this service to deliver Trading Solutions' products through its offices in Monterrey, Mexico's second largest city.

Jerry Mattiace, vice president for North America, Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions said, "The demand for our services in North America has grown rapidly over the last six months and we are committed to a long term partnership with Praxis. We look for local experience and financial markets penetration when choosing regional implementation partners - Praxis has extensive knowledge of both in Mexico and we're already seeing a number of exciting opportunities there."

Discussing the goals of the partnership, Hector Navarro, operations manager USA at Praxis said, "We are very excited about our partnership with Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions. The company has global brand recognition and a strong set of innovative products for the global financial markets which makes it the ideal partner for us. Our goal is to provide support for the integration of Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions' products and services into Mexico and moving forward we aim to distribute to other Latin American countries including Brazil, Peru, Argentina and Ecuador."

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