Odyssey co-founder joins BSB executive committee

Source: BSB

BSB today announced that Didier Vankeerberghen, who co-founded Odyssey Asset Management Systems, joins BSB to lead its commercial activity and help the company to grow from a European leadership position towards a worldwide significance in wealth management and life insurance.

"I am particularly excited by BSB's entrepreneurial spirit, sustainable growth, technology excellence, and delivery strengths" says Didier Vankeerberghen, "BSB has developed modern, and user-friendly solutions allowing different types of clients -including life insurers, wealth managers, family offices, asset managers, holdings and financial advisors- to benefit from a large functional coverage with a low TCO" he adds.

"The addition of Didier to our leadership team will definitively help BSB to grow to another dimension and join the selective club of global leaders" says Jean Martin, BSB's group chief executive.

Didier Vankeerberghen, 51, brings three decades of experience to BSB's executive committee. Earlier in his career Didier worked for large banks and software houses; followed by helping to found Odyssey Asset Management Systems, where he held several top management roles.

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