Unified Software enhances payment validation service

Source: Unified Software

Unified Software, the leading UK and International financial web services specialist, has added building society payment reference validation to its popular BankVal UK web service suite.

BankVal UK is used by organisations including Tesco, Moneysupermarket.com, The British Museum and many others to validate payment information. By ensuring that payment data is valid, Direct Debits, Bacs credits and other transactions work first time, saving time and money and maximizing efficiency.

The requirement for accurate payment data extends to building society accounts, which commonly employ their own non-standard account reference numbers, sometimes referred to as 'Roll Numbers'. It is important that these reference numbers are valid when processing building society payments.

The latest release of BankVal UK now includes payment reference validation for almost 50 building societies. This helps to ensure that payments are processed accurately and efficiently.

BankVal UK's flexible web services interface makes it easy to plug the new building society reference validation capabilities into customers' systems exactly where required.

George Barron, CTO at Unified Software comments: "We have had a number of requests from our customers to provide building society reference validation. This feature has previously only been available via one or two conventional validation software packages which can prove to be prohibitively expensive for many businesses.

So we are delighted to now be able to be able to offer this facility as a web service, available on a pay-per-use or subscription basis. Businesses of all sizes can now access this powerful feature and improve the efficiency and accuracy of their payment processing."

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