Saxo Bank and launch online FX trading service

Source: Saxo Bank (an operating division of First Capitol Group) is announcing the launch of its fully automated foreign exchange trading platform.

The platform, "EZ-FX" offers trading execution, information and risk management in real-time. With three account levels and the ability to handle accounts in eleven currencies, the platform offers private traders and institutions a state-of-the-art system. Online investors and traders will be able to access 120+ currency crosses plus a managed FX account. of Platteville, Wisconsin and Saxo Bank of Copenhagen, Denmark, today announced the launch of the EZ-FX TRADER. Built on award-winning technology provided by the Danish investment bank, the EZ-FX Trader offers private and institutional investors a full-service suite of information, execution, and risk management tools for comprehensive online currency trading.

The EZ-FX TRADER introduces a suite of 120 spot currency pairs customized to three customer segments: EfuturesFX Mini, EfuturesFX Premium, and EfuturesFX Institutional. President, John Streich explains, "Our clients asked for a professional caliber trading facility for FX and we're delivering. I believe this is the best platform available and we've customized it to exceed client requirements."

The three versions of the platform offer customized workspaces and product coverage in line with graduating levels of investment. "For our institutional clients with $100,000 and more in collateral, we're able to offer narrower spreads" explains Streich. "Traders with smaller exposure in the market can participate on the EfuturesFX Mini with 100:1 leverage and an initial collateral investment of only $5,000." has operated in the online futures and commodities markets for 15 years making the expansion into currencies a natural growth. As Streich comments: "We're strong believers in the growing US market for online FX trading. All the press about the dollar losing value against other major world currencies has generated great interest in trading FX. This is truly a new asset class and due to our strong partnership with Saxo Bank we are now able to deliver our customers a total FX trading solution. In fact, through our EX-FX trading platform, our clients can participate in the world's FX markets commission free with some of the tightest spreads in the industry. "

At Saxo Bank, Executive Director of Sales Strategy/Marketing, Daniel Darst welcomes the new partnership: "We're delighted to partner with Our business model is based on local partners with regional market presence and strong client interface. They know the online market and they're smart, aggressive business people, which make our partnership a perfect match. Also, and its larger relationship with Cargill Investor Services is a great addition to the Saxo Bank family."

Echoes Mr. Streich, "We chose a Danish investment bank because, quite simply, their platform is everything we want for our clients. I believe real-time, streaming data and prices, news, charts, competitive liquidity, tight spreads, and speed of execution and reporting will save our clients many dollars over the competition. In fact, the platform aggregates liquidity from almost a dozen of the largest banks and providers in the world. The platform is unique in its functionality and its ease of use. We chose Saxo Bank because of their IT focus, their investment in systems and enhancements and their commitment to support us in our business plan."

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