Tisco selects IBM for banking infrastructure upgrade

Source: IBM

TISCO Financial Group Plc. has selected IBM technology to upgrade its banking infrastructure to support future growth and make improvements to the banking group's service commitment, delivery and efficiency.

In order to achieve their vision of providing leading financial services to every customer and extending their services to reach a wider group of customers, TISCO Financial Group needed to ensure its information technology platform was robust and flexible to support business growth.

TISCO Financial Group turned to IBM to upgrade their systems. The IBM solution comprises Power 770 systems for doubled data processing capacity and IBM Tivoli for fast problem identification and increased performance in IT service level. IBM also manages operating and core banking systems that are designed and built to back up to a central computer center.

Ms. Oranuch Apisaksirikul, CEO, TISCO Financial Group Plc. said "Besides providing the best product development and financial services, having efficient technology is a key area of the business as we believe technology can reinforce our business capabilities and enable us to deliver accurate, fast and reliable services that keep pace with an ever-changing business environment. Importantly, this also enables us to deliver on and exceed our customers growing demands and expectations. It is for these reasons that we have selected IBM to be our IT partner."

"Overall, TISCO will benefit from three major aspects of IT systems improvement: an increase in customer satisfaction as improved and more rapid response to problems, reduced costs of IT infrastructure because of a decrease in the number of servers and software as well as an increase in efficiency and reduction of operational costs with improved performance through effective integration of multiple systems and applications. The development of IT systems is expected to support the growth of TISCO for another 3-5 years," Mrs. Yutiga Sonthayanavin, Chief Information Officer of TISCO Financial Group Plc. and Managing Director of TISCO Information Technology Co., Ltd. said.

Hardware and software - With the implementation of IBM Smarter Systems, TISCO Financial Group is the first local customer to implement IBM Power 770 servers. The servers deliver performance, availability, efficiency and flexibility for virtualization with doubled data processing capacity. They also help reduce space needed for physical placement while minimizing energy usage. Moreover, TISCO Financial Group has developed software that is compatible with WebSphere software on the IBM Power 770 and comprises TISCO e-banking, deposit and loan information, TISCOASSET E-trading service and securities fund transactions online.

IT Infrastructure Management and Monitoring System-TISCO Financial Group has selected IBM Tivoli software to assist the bank to understand and proactively manage the business value of its IT infrastructure including servers, networks, database, transactions and applications. All information is then gathered and displayed on the central screen or dashboard to enable fast problem identification and increased performance in IT service level. This improved visibility into business service performance enables the system administrator to identify errors and fix them on timely basis.

Outsourcing services and other - Management services such as operating and core banking systems are designed and built to back up to a central computer center. This is the continuing service since TISCO trusted IBM to operate core banking.

Ms. Parnsiree Amatayakul, Managing Director of IBM Thailand Co., Ltd.said, "Over the past 100 years, financial industry clients in Thailand and around the world have continuously chosen IBM as their critical business partner. Our clients can be assured that we will continue to develop breakthrough technologies relevant to their evolving business needs — solutions that transform business models, create sustainable revenue growth and new revenue streams, and implement customer service innovations that make our banking clients' businesses even more successful,".

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