Girl Scouts to use mobiles as POS terminals in cookie sale

Source: AppNinjas

A new partnership between AppNinjas and Girl Scouts of Ohio's Heartland means you can use a credit card to purchase your Girl Scout Cookies this year.

Girl Scouts are using AppNinjas' Swipe Credit Card Terminal for iPhone to accept credit cards on the spot at booths in various locations in central Ohio throughout March. Credit card sales are off to a great start, with charge transactions accounting for over $1,500 in sales in the first weekend.

For Girl Scouts this isn't just a great opportunity to sell more cookies but also a learning experience. "Swipe Credit Card Terminal for iPhone will teach them even more new technological skills they may likely use in the future," explained Tammy Wharton, CEO of the Girl Scouts of Ohio's Heartland Council.

"As a Columbus-based company, we are excited to pilot this program here in Ohio's heartland," said John Waldron, CEO of AppNinjas. "We're looking to expand this program in future years, giving even more Girl Scout troops a safe and secure way to accept credit cards."

"Our Cookie Program is our largest business literacy program for girls," said Tammy Wharton, CEO of the Girl Scouts of Ohio's Heartland Council. "Not only do girls learn five key business skills, but they also are learning to use new technology to market cookies. Girl Scouts are using social media, such as their parent's Facebook and e-mail accounts, in a safe manner, and customers can use a new smart phone app — the cookie locator app — to find cookie booth sales."

The AppNinjas partnership program assists the Girl Scouts with credit card software and hardware, as well as discounted rates for credit card processing.

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