ConvergEx upgrades RealTick

Source: ConvergEx

ConvergEx Group, a leading technology company, today announced that its recently acquired member company RealTick has continued to build out its robust functionality with the latest version of its global, multi-asset class execution platform, RealTick 10.

Since being launched in November of 2010, RealTick 10 has been favorably received by current clients and has generated a great deal of interest with new market segments and professionals.   

RealTick will continue to build on its platform in 2011 with future enhancements to include more advanced Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) and execution analysis tools. In addition, several other core features will be enhanced with a specific focus on addressing RealTick's growing base of clients trading in the Canadian and Latin American equities and derivatives markets.

"RealTick was the first platform to move beyond a traditional EMS to embed trading as part of the overall investment performance equation. To meet the demands of today's complex global trading environment, traders expect that their individual strategies and styles will be anticipated in the technology they use. We have designed RealTick 10 to meet that expectation," said Stuart Breslow, chief executive officer of RealTick. "We will continue to build on the rapidly established success of RealTick 10 and deploy the analysis, execution and evaluation tools that lead to better and more efficient trading."

RealTick 10 client adoption has been specifically focused around:

* Automated delta hedging for options trading
* RealTick Liquidity ScopeTM - enabling greater analysis and directed order control into performing liquidity venues
* Advanced Pairs and Spreads trading - providing greater trade strategy and execution opportunities
* Increased global futures markets coverage and functions
* RealTick for Microsoft Excel® - easy and comprehensive access to RealTick functions via plug-ins
* RealTick MobileTM - offering a mobile smart phone companion to monitor real-time orders, positions and P&L
* Newly released pre-trade per order filtering across multiple venues

"RealTick 10 is a major departure from prior releasesases and creates a deeper trading experience. This new approach of RealTick 10, along with the advanced functionality and tools it delivers for better execution, has added tremendous value," said RealTick client Andrew McGrath of Burren Capital Ltd.

RealTick 10 embeds trading as an integral and essential part of the investment equation. Through the redesign and unbundling of its platform, RealTick 10 now provides traders with intuitively designed AXE: Analysis, Execution, and Evaluation - the three critical elements which make for smarter trading decisions and which result in the opportunity for better execution and performance. RealTick provides its services across assets on a global basis to broker-dealers, hedge funds, asset managers, professional and active traders, via its execution management system, APIs, FIX and RealTick MobileTM.

RealTick is the industry's premier global multi-broker, multi-asset class trading platform. RealTick's ease of use, unsurpassed flexibility and fully configurable trader experience delivers intuitively integrated analysis, execution and evaluation solutions which provide the opportunity for improved trading performance and investment profitability.

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