Jack Henry claims 350 takers for m-banking

Source: Jack Henry

Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. (Nasdaq:JKHY), a leading provider of computer systems and electronic payment solutions primarily for financial services organizations, today announced that goDough, its state-of-the-art mobile banking solution, has now been selected by 350 of its core financial institution clients. goDough was introduced in November 2007 and now supports subscribers to 73 mobile service carriers.

goDough is a browser-based solution that is compatible with any Web-enabled mobile device regardless of make or model and all mobile phone carriers. This proprietary solution enables bank customers and credit union members to conduct traditional in-branch and online transactions such as balance inquiries, funds transfers between accounts, and transaction viewing. It supports all account types, including checking, certificates-of-deposit, money markets, loans, and lines-of-credit. goDough also enables users to receive designated alerts, initiate SMS text-based balance and history inquiries, and make mobile payments. A supporting iPhone application can be downloaded directly from the Apple Store or financial institutions can provide fully branded smart phone applications.

Pete Hopkins, general manager of Internet Solutions for Jack Henry & Associates, said, "We are quickly becoming a mobile society and more and more consumers are realizing the benefits of anytime, anywhere banking. Mobile banking is continuing to evolve and advance, and has become a strategic service financial institutions must have to attract and retain technology-savvy consumers in today's convenience-driven, highly competitive financial services industry. goDough is extremely easy for financial institutions to implement, and provides contemporary and advancing functionality that is intuitive and easy for end consumers to use."

According to Tony Wormington, president of Jack Henry & Associates, "Mobile banking is a high-demand extension of financial institutions' Internet and retail strategies that immediately enhances customer convenience, self-sufficiency, and service. During the past 12 months, the number of our core customers that have elected to implement goDough has increased from 250 to 350 and the number of consumers that are adopting goDough is increasing exponentially. We expect goDough will continue to generate strong adoption rates among financial institutions as consumers expect t virtually every service that is delivered via the Internet to be delivered via the mobile channel."

goDough is fully integrated with the three functionally distinct core banking systems - SilverLake System®, CIF 20/20®, and Core Director® - provided by the company's Jack Henry Banking™ division, and the industry-leading core platform for credit unions - Episys® - which is provided by Symitar™.

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