Ffastfill launches Saas-based DMA network Horizon

Source: Ffastfill

FFastFill Horizon is a new service which enables trading companies without direct memberships to access over sixty international trading venues via other member firms on the low latency FFastFill network.

Through the FFastFill global SaaS platform, companies are able to connect to multiple trading venues via either their own or other brokers' market access. This enables clients who may not have a specific exchange membership access to international execution venues and multi-asset classes on FFastFill's world-class execution platform.

The Horizon Network provides a quick and easy soft configuration within the FFastFill Global SaaS platform, removing the requirement for expensive third party connectivity or time consuming broker-to-broker integration projects. This delivers a reduced time to market and greater flexibility in broker coverage.

In addition, as the entire broker-to-broker order flow is executed entirely within the FFastFill Global Trading platform, latency is no greater than if the firm had their own market access and cumbersome routing delays are avoided.
The set-up times are also very quick. Once the broker to broker relationship has been agreed the Horizon technology can be activated promptly.

Risk management functions are applied at each step along the client to broker, broker to broker, broker to exchange route, enabling risk managers at every stage to continuously monitor and control any trading risk from the clients. This risk management is anonymous between brokers, in order to preserve client confidentiality between different brokers.

Robert Walton, Managing Director, Business Development commented, "As product competition between exchanges intensifies, and new trading platforms proliferate, trading firms need access to venues which they may not be members of. Horizon creates that access quickly, cheaply and efficiently. With no consequential impact on latency, Horizon will change the way clients trade on new markets and attract new order flow for existing exchange members."

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