Evli Bank deploys Tbricks

Source: Tbricks

Tbricks, the provider of innovative highperformance trading systems, has announced that Finnish investment bank Evli Bank has deployed the Tbricks platform for trading on Nordic markets.

Evli has adopted Tbricks's next-generation technology solution as its strategic architecture for trading in listed securities, cash and derivatives markets, replacing its long-time legacy supplier.
"This strategic win establishes Tbricks as the leading supplier of high-performance trading technology for the fast-growing Nordic markets," said Tbricks CEO Jonas Hansbo. "Evli's decision to reject legacy platforms in favor of Tbricks' next-generation system serves to underscore Tbricks' growing presence in the Nordics as the region undergoes a major shift toward automated electronic trading."
Evli is a major participant in Nordic equities, derivatives and OTC markets. The firm, based in Helsinki, will use Tbricks for all of its trading and market-making activities. Tbricks will provide Evli with both direct (native) exchange connectivity and connections via third-party execution platforms, giving the investment bank a single, standard interface for all of its market connections.
In addition, Evli will make use of Tbricks' new risk management module, which aggregates key values, such as option sensitivities, offering users a comprehensive view of market exposures.
Panu Jousimies, Head of Capital markets, Finland, at Evli, said the decision to implement the Tbricks solution followed an exhaustive evaluation of trading systems available in the marketplace. "Tbricks presented us with the latest in trading technology, with the best performance and flexibility of any commercial offering," he said. Using Tbricks, Evli traders are now able to choose from a library of trading applications and models to suit their needs. The Tbricks framework also gives them the freedom to build own strategies, all using the same Tbricks platform. These capabilities, the high level of service offered by the Tbricks team, and the lower total cost of ownership of the Tbricks solution compared with legacy platforms, cemented Evli's choice, said Jousimies.es.s.

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