Pegasystems hails benchmark results

Source: Pegasystems

Pegasystems (NASDAQ: PEGA), the leader in business process management (BPM) solutions, today announced the results of a benchmark test of Pega running on IBM System z mainframe servers.

The benchmark validates Pegasystems' ability to scale to meet the needs of the world's largest enterprises.

The benchmark test was conducted in partnership with Medco Health Solutions, a US health care company providing pharmacy services. Medco ranks #35 on the Fortune 500 list, and has been named among the world's most admired, most innovative, and most trustworthy companies. Test scenarios from the 10,000-user benchmark include the most complex business processes with increasing workload peak transaction rates. The tests ran during 40 - 100 minute continuous periods with no wait state between transactions and were supplemented by an endurance test running transactions for up to16 continuous hours to confirm stability while scaling.

The test results exceeded all performance goals, and surpassed the performance of a 32,000-user benchmark previously conducted by Pegasystems and IBM. The results also proved large enterprises could rely on Pegasystems for consistent linear scalability. The scalability factor during testing remained constant whether scaling up vertically with more computing power or scaling out horizontally with more traffic and solution instances. The benchmark was conducted using the Pega BPM engine driving the Pega call center application running on z/Linux with zOS and DB2.

This benchmark took place at the Washington, D.C. IBM Center for Solutions Innovation in Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA.

"Pegasystems is our fundamental platform for business innovation as we drive our agile enterprise initiatives to support continued growth," said Kenneth Klepper, President and COO at Medco Health Solutions. "We rely on both IBM and Pegasystems as we roll out our transformation agenda across the enterprise, and are pleased to see how this technology can support and anticipate our most expansive needs."

"We were delighted with the test results which prove unequivocally the superiority of Pega in scaling to address the needs of enterprise clients committed to business transformation," said Alan Trefler, Founder and CEO of Pegasystems. "We consider our ongoing support for enterprise platforms, such as IBM System z, a key enabler for organisations that are committed to enterprise transformation. This benchmark validates that even the largest of enterprises can achieve a rapid return on investment with a business technology that can keep up with their demanding goals for growth."

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