Bats Europe launches real-time latency monitoring service

Source: Bats Europe

Bats Europe today announced the availability of the Bats Real-time Latency Monitoring Service to BATS Europe participants with direct FIX port connectivity, effective immediately.

The proprietary BATS Real-time Latency Monitoring Service, first launched in the U.S. in February 2011, provides order latency tracking in real-time via a dashboard on the BATS Europe website, thus allowing users to analyse their own order latency and address issues immediately.

BATS Europe also announces a reduction of order latency for participants utilising FIX and 10-gigabit (10G) connectivity to 138 microseconds on average. For participants utilising FIX and 1-gigabit (1G) connectivity, BATS Europe has reduced order latency to 165 microseconds on average.

"BATS has long set a standard of transparently publishing our overall system latency data in the U.S. and Europe and our new monitoring service gives BATS Europe participants unprecedented access to their own latency performance," said Paul O'Donnell, chief operating officer of BATS Europe.

"We are pleased to deliver some of the lowest latency figures in the industry with reliability and consistency, under heavy volume load, which distinguishes BATS Europe as a technology leader amongst Europe's equities markets," he said.

Developed in-house by the BATS technology team, the monitoring service does not require participants to purchase additional hardware or use third-party applications. Participants with direct FIX ports can easily access the BATS Real-time Latency Monitoring Service from the BATS Europe website via their BATS Ports Dashboard account.

The BATS Ports Dashboard provides members with information about their port settings and statistics for 1G and 10G physical port connections.

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