Heartland Payment Systems to offer Acculynk PaySecure to merchants

Source: Heartland Payment Systems

Heartland Payment Systems (NYSE:HPY), one of the nation's largest payment processors, has partnered with Acculynk to provide PaySecure Internet PIN debit solution to its Internet merchants.

PaySecure is the first software-only service that enables a consumer to use his/her debit card and bank-issued PIN to pay for online purchases.

"Heartland is always looking for new ways to help protect our merchants," said Steve Elefant, Heartland's chief information officer. "PaySecure authenticates that the consumer made the purchase which reduces fraud and charge-backs for merchants - saving them time and money. It is also user-friendly: it enables consumers to enter their PINs directly in the check out process without being redirected to another site or needing to enroll in a program. PaySecure is a valuable addition to our existing suite of security products."

PaySecure will be available to existing and prospective Heartland merchants in Q2 2011. The product utilizes a patented, graphical PIN-pad for the secure entry of a consumer's PIN. Transactions are processed using a merchant's existing payment processor connections.

"PaySecure leverages the entire current infrastructure that is in place for acquirers, merchants, networks and issuers, which makes it very simple for merchants to adopt this payment method and our constituents to process PaySecure transactions," said Ashish Bahl, CEO of Acculynk.

The added security of PaySecure has spurred considerable consumer adoption, with roughly one out of every two online shoppers choosing to enter their PIN with PaySecure rather than process their transaction as signature debit. PaySecure preserves consumer choice by giving shoppers the standard option of PIN debit or signature debit that they get today at the retail point of sale.

"We're seeing more consumers concerned about fraud and PaySecure is a simple, convenient way for an online shopper to authenticate their transaction, without going to another website, using a device or enrolling in a new service," said Bahl. "Heartland is one of the top processors in the U.S. and we are pleased to partner with them to further adoption of PaySecure in the market."

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