SIA-SSB overhauls organisational structure

Source: SIA-SSB

With the aim of supporting the growth of the company and following on from the approval of the 2011-2013 Strategic Plan, SIA-SSB has launched a new organizational structure, which is strongly oriented towards the market and designed to achieve the objectives of the Business Plan.

This will permit a greater focus on the individual business segments and an improvement in the efficiency of the processes used to deliver the services to customers.

The new organization is split into four Business Divisions (Financial Institutions, Corporate & P.A., Central Institutions and Network Services), with responsibility for covering and developing the specific customer segments, an Operations Division, to support and distribute the services, and seven Staff Divisions.

The Financial Institutions Division and the Corporate & P.A. Division report directly to CEO Massimo Arrighetti, while the Central Institutions Division and the Network Services Division are under the direct control of Managing Director Gian Bruno Mazzi.

The Financial Institutions Division, entrusted to Nicola Cordone, has the task of bringing together and strengthening the activities related to large Bank Groups and to small to medium-size Banks, both in Italy and abroad, through the definition of services tailored to the specific requirements of the individual customer segments.

The Corporate & P.A. Division, led by Carlo Maiocchi, has the aim of developing the corporate sector and the central and local Public Administration sector.

The Central Institutions Division, managed by Mario De Lorenzo, has the role of consolidating the offering aimed at Central Banks and Central Institutions (ABI, EBA, MTS, Montetitoli, etc.), in the domestic and international markets.

The Network Services Division, under the responsibility of Andrea Galeazzi, has the objective of developing, providing and promoting network services for all customers inside and outside Italy.

The Operations Division, run by Fabio Grignani, includes the "Shared Services" and is responsible for the development and maintenance of all the applications, overseeing the management of the technology infrastructures and IT systems.

In conclusion, the Staff Divisions include Communication (Sofia Masiello), Finance & Administration (Marco Rossi), Human Resources & Organization (Paolo Ghia), Internal Auditing (Roberto Strazzarino), Law & Corporate Affairs (Monica Coppo), Risk Governance (Raffaele Pace), and Strategies, Planning & Control (Luigi Brescia).

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