Direct Debit Limited reports WorldPay partnership

Source: Direct Debit Limited

Direct Debit Limited, the payments-management software provider, today announced its partnership with WorldPay, a leading payment service provider for online transactions.

The deal enables WorldPay and Direct Debit Limited customers to benefit from a single comprehensive payments platform and make and collect numerous payment types, including credit and debit card, Direct Debit, SEPA and Faster Payments, through one system.

As a result of the partnership, Direct Debit Limited has added a module that processes card payments to its PayCentre payments-management platform. Available now, the module processes one-off or recurring payments via WorldPay's Corporate Gateway. The technology helps businesses slash costs associated with hosting multiple systems, minimises the need for staff training and provides users with a single point of access to information on all their customer payments.

Gabriel Hopkins, Head of eCommerce Products at WorldPay, said: "Through this partnership we've created a combined solution which meets the requirements of customers with a range of payments and collections needs. We are now able to offer our mutual customers a rich service that capitalises on the strengths of both WorldPay and PayCentre."

The new module created by WorldPay and Direct Debit Limited streamlines payments processes and provides a comprehensive view of card and non-card transactions. Combined with other reports from PayCentre, such as those generated by the Direct Debit and Faster Payments modules, it offers a complete overview of cash flow. Employees no longer need to enter data into different systems, which saves time and reduces data-entry errors. Companies can also take initial payments by card and then set up Direct Debit plans for ongoing payments, which gives customers more options and increases customer retention.

Paul Conway, Sales Director at Direct Debit Limited said: "The partnership with WorldPay is part of our strategic vision to work with high calibre partners and provide the best service to our customers. Now, Direct Debit Limited and WorldPay customers can take advantage of a single interface for all payments propositions."

He added: "We have seen a significant initial take up of the credit card processing module, including several large businesses and a number of SMEs and we look forward to building on this success in 2011."

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