RBS Swift Corporate Access certified

Source: RBS

RBS Swift Corporate Access extends its coverage by being one of the first banks to achieve the Swift for corporate bank readiness certificate.

This will allow corporate clients access to information on banking services and processes through SWIFT, and corporates can now use one system to send transactions to all relevant banks.

In January 2011, SWIFT launched a certification programme for banks offering corporate SWIFT solutions. The intention of the programme is to provide corporates with a clear benchmark regarding a bank's SWIFT for corporates offering and the documentation surrounding it. As a leading bank in this area, RBS was a participant in the workgroup that defined the requirements for this new certification scheme from SWIFT.

RBS was one of the first banks to offer corporate services through SWIFT, participating in the SCORE (Standardised Corporate Environment, SWIFT's core framework for corporate connectivity) pilot program, contributing in the Common Global Implementation group for the ISO20022 XML format for financial corporate-to-bank messaging, and being among the first banks to offer a bank-labelled global service bureau. RBS continues to be closely involved in increasing the benefits and visibility of SWIFT for corporates to customers across the world.


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