Nissan Century Securities chooses KVH for low latency connectivity

Source: KVH

Nissan Century Securities Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Takehiko Nuki), a Unicom Group Holdings company, has selected KVH Co. Ltd (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Richard Warley) as the service provider for its new low latency connectivity service to address the High Frequency Trading (HFT)*1 needs from domestic and international institutional investors.

Starting on February 2011, the service will be available for Tokyo Commodity Exchange's trading system and will be expanded to the Osaka Securities Exchange's new Derivative Trading System, "J-GATE", in April 2011.

With all major Japanese exchanges introducing next generation trading platforms and revising their trading schemes, the HFT environment in Japan is evolving rapidly. To promptly meet such market trend, Nissan Century Securities is expanding its HFT electronic brokering services, by leveraging its deep expertise in overseas derivative online trading and domestic derivatives markets. This new service enables Nissan Century Securities to address the requirements of overseas investors by combining a leading-edge ISV platform together with English and Japanese bilingual support

Nissan Century Securities' new HFT offering is backed by "KVH Proximity Services," KVH's widely acclaimed ultra low latency proximity hosting solution. A pioneer in the Japanese proximity hosting market, KVH leverages its own low latency network and data center assets in Japan, deep knowledge of the financial services industry, and multilingual facilitation to ensure the best low-latency context for domestic and overseas high frequency traders in Japan. By using "KVH Proximity Services," Nissan Century Securities can rapidly provide its customers with the lowest latencyconnectivity environment to all major Japanese exchanges from a single

"While Japan has not experienced the same level of growth that other Asian markets have, efforts by the Japanese exchanges to stimulate HFT trading are starting to show results. By launching our leading-edge, high-quality connectivity environment at a reasonable price, we are resolved to further drive demand in this market and increase the number of market participants from Asia and other countries. KVH Proximity Services allows us to increase customer satisfaction while offering the lowest lwest latency solution available," noted Mr. Takehiko Nuki, President of Nissan Century

"The KVH Proximity Service offers the ideal managed hosting environment for latency critical applications and connects participants to a full ecosystem of exchanges, brokers, ISVs, and market data vendors under one roof. With the fastest connectivity to major Japanese exchanges as well as to Hong Kong, Singapore, and Chicago, KVH is very pleased that Nissan Century Securities has selected us as the platform for its new HFT service, which will appropriately address the increasing demands from overseas market participants," noted Dr. Zhongmin Guo, Executive Vice President, International Division of KVH.

*1 High Frequency Trading (HFT):Trading whereby a large volume of transactions is processed in a very short period of time at a high speed using high performance computing

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