Voca launches broadband product for Bacstel-IP submissions

Source: Voca

Voca, the leading secure payments processor, has launched Broadband Direct, a new submission channel available to users who want a low cost business-to-business broadband connection for BACSTEL-IP submissions and report collections.

It provides businesses, who have just nine months left to complete migrating their electronic payments to BACSTEL-IP with a self-install, contended ADSL broadband connection within 20 days of ordering.

The service benefits businesses looking to move to low cost broadband technology linked directly into Voca's secure private network for their payments. This secure connectivity is designed for fast implementation and based on a VPN IP infrastructure with the latest security features to guarantee the timely arrival of submissions at Voca. It is particularly suitable for current dial-up customers and ISDN users, because the connection is "always on" and there are no call charges.

David Sear, Commercial Director, Voca said; "If companies don't want to go back to paying salaries by cheques next year they have to migrate to BACSTEL-IP. Migration is also the perfect time to review their payment submission channel for availability and security. For many SMEs that will be Broadband Direct."

Broadband Direct eliminates dial up connection and bandwidth problems to complete the submission of payment information up to four times faster, without the associated call charges. Businesses can also choose how to deliver and share confidential information using the breadth of secure connectivity options available.

The migration to BACSTEL-IP using Voca's connectivity products offers efficient access to data encryption services and IP-enabled solutions using PKI-based security to authenticate the points of origin of all transactions.

Broadband Direct adds to Voca's range of IP connectivity solutions, including its high availability leading edge Fixed Extranet Connect service for the larger business and our DSL Connect option that is ideal for smaller to medium sized organisations. They can also be customised to support a broad range of customer activity from high transaction volumes to online interactive sessions.

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