Visa and the NFL go tweet crazy over Super Bowl

Source: Visa

The NFL is encouraging fans to GO INSIDE SUPER BOWL XLV WITH VISA through the official online Super Bowl XLV destination featuring Twitter content. "Go Inside Super Bowl XLV With Visa" is an innovative way for fans to engage with and be a part of Super Bowl XLV using Twitter. It launches today on

"Go Inside Super Bowl XLV with Visa" will provide fans with a single location to experience the most relevant Super Bowl XLV chatter happening on Twitter, including coverage of the event from all angles. It will include Tweets from some of the best people covering Super Bowl XLV and will pull in Tweets about the game, the NFL (@nfl), the Green Bay Packers (@packers) and Pittsburgh Steelers (@steelers). This resource also will feature Tweets from NFL executives, media personalities, NFL players, Visa and celebrities contributing to telling the story of Super Bowl XLV on Twitter.

"Go Inside Super Bowl XLV with Visa" also will provide fans an easy way to send Tweets to players or include mentions of them in their Tweets by clicking on player photos. Fans also may contribute to the conversation by tagging their Tweets with #SB45, the official hashtag of Super Bowl XLV.

"Over the last year we‟ve seen Twitter at the center of fan engagement at major international sporting events sponsored by Visa. Learning from these experiences, we have worked with Twitter and the NFL to bring the world's conversation about Super Bowl together in one place," said ANTONIO LUCIO, Chief Marketing Officer, Visa Inc.

"We believe this is a great opportunity to provide unique coverage of America‟s premier sporting event and to allow our fans from all over the world to experience Super Bowl week in an innovative way," said HANS SCHROEDER, NFL SVP of Media Business Development. "We are excited to work with Visa and Twitter to make this possible."

"Twitter lets fans anywhere experience the excitement and energy of the Super Bowl together, in real-time. "Go Inside Super Bowl XLV with VISA‟ takes this one step further, distilling that conversation and excitement in a single place. We‟re excited to be working with Visa and the NFL to help fans experience the Super Bowl in a new way," said ADAM BAIN, Twitter‟s President of Global Revenue.

"Go Inside Super Buper Bside Super Bowl XLV With VISA" will be featured prominently on, the NFL‟s official online destination for all things Super Bowl XLV. Fans may access it via the web or mobile web by visiting Visa (@VisaNFL) will run a supporting campaign on Twitter with Promoted Tweets and Promoted Trends to generate greater awareness of "Go Inside Super Bowl XLV with VISA."

Features of Go Inside Super Bowl XLV with VISA include:

* Featured Tweets: Displays Tweets from NFL executives, media personalities, NFL players, Visa discount offers and celebrities.
* Pulse: Graphic depiction of the most-frequently tweeted words and phrases.
* Map View: Highlights which key words/phrases are being tweeted in various NFL cities across the United States as well as across the world.
* Team Matchup: Depicts the conversations happening on Twitter about the two competing teams with a team-colored field reflecting the volume of team-related Tweets and team-specific trending topics. The field representation will shows which team is dominating the Twitter conversation at any point in time as shading will shift to reflect the ebb and flow of Tweets. Below each team will be a listing of the "Latest Tweets" (Tweets from fans), "Top Tweets" (most retweeted), and "Featured Tweets" (mix of players & official accounts related to the teams).
* Timeline: A timeline is integrated through all features, enabling users to follow the conversation or trends on a specific day or during a specific part of the game. Users also have the ability to replay the timeline leading up to and throughout Super Bowl XLV to see how the trends changed over time.
* Topic of the Day: Super Bowl-themed questions or conversation starters followed by fans‟ Tweets in response.

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