ABN Amro taps Atos Origin for financial transaction platform

Source: Atos Worldline

ABN Amro and Atos Worldline, which brings together Atos Origin's core expertise in Hi-Tech Transactional Services, have concluded a five-year agreement for the supply and management of a platform to support transactions via the iDEAL electronic payment standard.

ABN Amro will be able to provide payment services via iDEAL that fully meet SEPA requirements for electronic money transfer in Europe. Atos Worldline will provide a centralized internal solution which will allow ABN Amro to process payments in the new SEPA environment easily via a single account and at lower costs.

iDEAL was developed to provide businesses and consumers with excellent security during online transactions. Since its launch in 2005, iDEAL has grown rapidly to become one of the most successful online payment solutions in Europe. A large percentage of all e-commerce transactions in the Netherlands already take place via iDEAL and no less than 97% of online shoppers in the Netherlands are aware of the brand. By making iDEAL 'SEPA-proof' - for example, by introducing Bank Identifier Codes such as BIC and IBAN - this payment standard is to compare with other online payment methods such as Giropay in Germany and EPS in Austria. SEPA - the Single European Payment Area - must give rise to a harmonized European payment zone where money transfer is less costly and more efficient. It therefore forms the basis for the creation of a single, integrated European payment market.

Simple, cost-effective, and secure
The process for carrying out transactions via iDEAL is user-friendly, simple and, cost-effective but, above all, highly secure. Before the payment procedure, customers of online retailers can identify themselves on their bank's website using a security code such as a PIN or TAN number, or a password. At the same time, the retailer starts a transaction search with the relevant bank. The bank must verify the identity of the purchaser and authorize the payment procedure before the online transaction can take place. Both the customer and the business receive a confirmation as proof of payment. This innovative, user-friendly standard can also be used for up-to-date, open payment methods such as mobile or offline transactions. Charges are incurred on the basis of a fixed price per transaction.

European standard
Atos Origin, through its Atos Worldline expertise, is already responsible for the operational management of iDEAL on behalf of a number of Dutch banks. "Our services to Fortis Bank Nederland, which in the meantime merged with ABN Amro, have already proved that Atos Origin is capable of anticipating the accelerated growth of iDEAL," says Rob Pols, CEO of Atos Origin in the Netherlands. "Atos Origin is the obvious partner for implementation and management of the platform because we meet all the technological requirements. We have developed a standard which can be adapted for use throughout Europe and which guarantees implementation on the basis of SEPA. This new agreement will enable us to further strengthen our position in this market."

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