Spread Networks connects to Equinix NY data centre

Source: Spread Networks

Spread Networks, a privately owned telecommunications provider, today announced it will connect Spread Networks Low Latency Metropolitan Dark Fiber Network to Equinix's New York (NY4) International Business Exchange (IBX) data center in Secaucus, NJ.

Spread Networks, which provides the lowest latency route between New York and Chicago, has now complemented that route with the new Low Latency Metropolitan Dark Fiber Network. The new route was trenched between Carteret, NJ and the Equinix NY4 IBX data center in Secaucus, NJ.

The dark fiber network offers a managed and secure point-to-point service with a round trip latency that sets the new standard connecting these two financial centers. Each customer receives a dedicated fiber pair on the advanced dark fiber network and the capacity to light up as many wavelengths as needed on their own private fiber. Customers can either use that route for metro-NJ only communications, giving them the fastest path between Carteret and Secaucus, or they can combine it with Spread Networks current Chicago to Carteret route to achieve the shortest route from Chicago to Secaucus.

The Equinix NY4 IBX data center in Secaucus hosts many financial market participants including the Boston Options Exchange and Direct Edge, and improves network availability through interconnection to strategic financial partners that require optimized network routes.

"Spread Networks is committed to bringing premium connectivity to enterprise customers of all kinds. We literally built a brand new dark fiber network from the ground up to raise the standard for speed, diversity security and reliability between New York and downtown Chicago. By working with Equinix we can now provide customers with connectivity between Carteret and Secaucus at the lowest possible latency," said W. Brennan Carley, SVP Product Marketing, Spread Networks.

John Knuff, general manager for Equinix Global Financial Services, said "We're delighted to collaborate with Spread Networks on this initiative. Low latency is critical to electronic trading and the availability of Spread Networks' new service at our NY4 IBX data center presents an attractive value proposition for our customers."

Spreead Networks inaugurated its private dark fiber network in August 2010, establishing the benchmark for ultra low latency connecting New York and Chicago. Together with its certified network equipment providers, Spread Networks offers a comprehensive solution that provides customers with infrastructure, equipment and services needed to run their own private network-the best way to manage consistent low latency and network security. Without the drag of traditional telecommunications offerings, Spread Networks provides its customers with a private network to achieve a 'clean speed,' allowing data to run as close as possible to the true speed of light through fiber.

Spread Networks worked closely with optical equipment manufacturers in search of the lowest-latency solutions. These network equipment providers include ADVA Optical Networking, Ciena Corporation and Infinera.

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