Advanced Merchant Solutions brings payment processing to Android tablets

Source: Advanced Merchant Solutions

Following closely behind the release of the first Android Tablet from Samsung, Pocket Verifier Professional for Android is now available with the Pocket Spectrum Plus; a complete payment solution that swipes credit cards and prints receipts for the rapidly growing Android mobile platform.

Advanced Merchant Solutions, Inc. (AMSI) has launched a payment solution for the Android, available now in the Android Marketplace as a free application which enables on-the-go merchants to accept credit cards anywhere. This application can be used with the company's Pocket Spectrum Plus, a Bluetooth 2-track card reader and thermal receipt printer. Coupled together, the Pocket Verifier/Pocket Spectrum system enables any mobile business user to avoid the high cost of "card-not-present" transactions. AMSI further integrates this breakthrough system into a complete solution by packaging it with a combined merchant and gateway account; with no upfront costs, no term commitments, and no cancellation fees.

"With over 600,000 Galaxy Tabs being sold in the first month, we believe that tablets are the next big movement in the mobile industry and we plan on being there for our mobile merchants, even as newer innovations arise on a daily basis," says Dr. Blaine Leckett, the company's CTO. Dennis Ideue, the company's CEO adds "Being the developer of the application, the manufacturer of the printer, and the ISO issuing the merchant accounts allows us to give unprecedented value to our customer base. This solution really differentiates itself from the rest of the market by incorporating a printer. The marketplace-to-date has had to settle for keyed-in email receipts which really slow down the throughput."

The Pocket Spectrum Plus is currently shipping. Its retail package features Bluetooth, a rugged thermal print mechanism, 2-track magnetic stripe reader, interchangeable lithium-ion batteries, a quick-charge adaptor, and a leather case with integral belt clip. Pocket Verifier Professional for Android is currently available in the Android Marketplace. 

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