Spanish MTF Pave becomes legal incorporation

Source: Pave

The Pave founding partner Javier Tordable, has today announced the official formalization and kick off of the first alternative trading venue (MTF) platform by means of the legal incorporation of the Company with legal Pave Platform, Sociedad .Anonima.

Today's incorporation of PAVE (in Spanish stands for Alternative Platform for Spanish Securities) marks the first step and necessary prerequisite in order to start the preparation of the operative processes on fields such us regulatory, corporate, finance and technology which before summer of 2011 will lead to the launch of this new pool of liquidity of Spanish stocks alternative to the current traditional stock exchanges.

Javier Tordable, PAVE founding partner and CEO said:

"We are delighted to formalize the legal birth of this ambitious project as a necessary precondition to the subsequent equity capital entry of Spanish and international financial institutions due in the next coming moths. In this way, a new, more efficient and cheaper alternative trading venue will be finally established in Spain to attract more international investors and traders increasing both the Spanish market size and liquidity"

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