Saxo Bank rolls out Informatica Ultra Messaging

Source: Informatica Corporation

Informatica Corporation (NASDAQ: INFA), the world's number one independent provider of data integration software, today announced that Saxo Bank A/S, an investment bank specializing in online trading and investments, has standardized on Informatica Ultra Messaging, an integral part of the Informatica Platform, for zero-latency data integration and data delivery across its worldwide operations.

Informatica Ultra Messaging will enable Saxo Bank to take control of its explosive trading-data growth, providing higher throughput and lower latency messaging during the core transaction phase of trade management.

The Informatica solution is helping Saxo Bank to:
o Handle more business across more clients - Informatica Ultra Messaging enables Saxo Bank to take on more business from more clients in more markets around the globe.
o Offer additional sophisticated trading services - Saxo Bank is also now able to handle more sophisticated types of business and features e.g. algorithmic trading
o Provide faster, more responsive service - The high performance and scalability of the solution enables Saxo Bank to deliver competitive streaming prices for more agile and responsive client service.
o Enhance its risk management - Saxo Bank is now able to make more timely and informed decisions regarding risk exposure across its business.

Specifically, Saxo Bank has implemented Informatica Ultra Messaging Streaming Edition to support its pricing distribution model with its extremely high message rates. The software enables Saxo Bank to:
o Deliver more than five million messages per second.
o Benefit from message latency of under 40 milliseconds on commodity hardware.

Saxo Bank is also deploying Informatica Ultra Messaging Persistence Edition to transform its trade capture, transaction and order management environment through:
o Timely guaranteed data delivery.
o Extremely high throughput with parallel use of commodity hardware.
o Limit total hardware investments and allow for more flexible recovery and resilience model.

Informatica was selected by Saxo Bank over competing solutions for its performance, throughput, and ability to fit easily into Saxo Bank's information technology and networking environment.

"Informatica Ultra Messaging provides Saxo Bank with the flexibility, application independence, network independence and raw performance the Bank needs," said Michel André, chief technology officer, Saxo Bank. "This low latency solution enables Saxo Bank to take on more business, provide a more agile, responsive service to clients and enable the Bank make more informed decisions about its risk exposure."

"Saxo Bank is taking its high-speed messaging capabilities to a radically higher level to help fuel its continued global expansion," said Mark Mahowald, general manager, Ultra Messaging, Informatica. "Providing order of magnitude improvement in performance and predictability over traditional data delivery approaches, Informatica Ultra Messaging software is designed to stay one step ahead of the ultra-low latency messaging requirements of today's global financial markets. This, coupled with Informatica's global reach, makes our solution a natural choice for driving competitive advantage and business growth worldwide."

29West technology, acquired by Informatica in March 2010, is now in the Ultra Messaging business unit and continues to be the leader in high-performance, low-latency messaging solutions for financial institutions.

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