Commidea gets PA-DSS certification

Source: Commidea

Commidea, the UK's leading card payment processing solution provider have today announced that a further two end-to-end dual-encryption payment solutions, the Ocius Vx510 and Ocius Vx810 Duet, have been awarded the Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) certificate of compliance.

Ocius Sentinel was the first end-to-end encryption payment solution to have achieved PA-DSS certification in the UK on 10th August 2010. With the Ocius Vx510 and Ocius Vx810 Duet being the next to achieve this status, Commidea continue to be the only provider of true end-to-end encryption payment solutions that have gained PA-DSS compliance in the UK.

Commidea's end-to-end encryption payment solutions ensure that all cardholder data is dual encrypted within the secure environment of a PCI-PTS certified pin entry device before being transmitted across the merchant's network and into Commidea's Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Level 1 certified processing infrastructure. For merchants this means that there is no unencrypted cardholder data on their network and with no access to decryption keys, these payment solutions can significantly reduce the merchant's scope and cost of achieving and maintaining PCI DSS compliance.

The PA-DSS accreditation certifies that the Ocius Vx510 and Ocius Vx810 Duet do not store prohibited data, such as full magnetic stripe, CVV2 or PIN data, and further supports compliance with the PCI DSS.

"We are delighted to continue the trend of providing the only PA-DSS certified end-to-end encryption payment solutions to UK merchants," said Marc White, Commidea's head of security and compliance. "These additional payment solutions achieving PA-DSS compliance highlight Commidea's long term commitment to providing secure and compliant end-to-end encryption solutions to merchants which can reduce the scope and cost of achieving and maintaining PCI DSS compliance."

The PCI Security Standards Council granted Commidea's Ocius Vx510 and Ocius Vx810 Duet payment solutions PA-DSS certification on 7th December 2010.

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