Nomura Research Institute develops cloud platform for asset managers

Source: Nomura Research Institute

Nomura Research Institute, a leading provider of consulting services and system solutions, today announced the expansion of its current asset management solutions to a cloud through development of T-Monolix.

FundWeb, NRI's mutual fund network, will be the first solution on T-MONOLIX beginning in December 2011.

T-MONOLIX provides a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) environment for NRI's asset management solutions. It allows clients to build their customized applications through seamless connections with T-STAR, a family of multi-use asset management solutions, and other NRI products. T-MONOLIX will improve straight-through processing (STP) rates for asset managers and will be a one-stop service for NRI clients, reducing operational risk by promoting best practices. Solutions on T-MONOLIX will be managed at an NRI data center enabling users to reduce their TOC (total cost of ownership).

"NRI has been providing total solutions via ASP for more than 100 asset management firms through T-STAR since 1993. Operating on a cloud has developed into the next logical step in this evolution and is gaining increasing importance among our clients" said Shin Kusunoki, Corporate Senior Vice President and Asset Management Systems Division Manager, NRI. "By developing the T-MONOLIX platform, NRI will enhance users' experience, reducing the frequency and quantity of operational tasks while improving STP rates."

FundWeb provides connection for more than 300 mutual fund distribution houses and asset management firms. The network provides data such as fund flow and redemption, NAV, dividend, and other messaging functions.

NRI has plans to add connectivity with other solutions and messaging functions to T-MONOLIX in 2011. T-MONOLIX is named after the NRI solution T-STAR series and from the term monolith, a single great stone. Like a monolith, T-MONOLIX is a one stop financial solution service on a single stable platform.

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