Clearstream and BME trade repository Regis-TR starts operations

Source: Clearstream

Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME) and Clearstream today announced the start of operations of the trade repository Regis-TR that is jointly owned by the two market infrastructures.

The trade repository is the answer to demands from the regulators for more transparency in the OTC derivatives market. The start of operations of REGIS-TR takes place one year after the initiative was announced in November 2009 and follows a testing period in which the financial institutions Banco Sabadell and BBVA participated as pilots. Over the last few weeks the corporates Iberia and Telefónica also joined as pilots. Further interested parties from around Europe are in the pipeline.

To operate the trade repository, BME and Clearstream have created a new company that will be headquartered in Luxembourg and which will have the following


* Jeffrey Tessler, CEO of Clearstream, as Chairman
* José Massa, Chairman of Iberclear, as Vice Chairman
* Jesús Benito, CEO of Iberclear
* Philip Brown, Executive Board member and Head of Relationship Management at Clearstream

The General Management of the company will consist of:

* Jesús Benito, CEO of Iberclear, as Managing Director
* Thilo Derenbach, Senior Vice President of Clearstream, as Deputy Managing Director

Jeffrey Tessler, Chairman of REGIS-TR, said: "We will turn a regulatory requirement into a benefit for our clients by creating a more efficient environment through automation and standardization, thus also reducing operational risk. Our trade repository is designed to meet future market and regulatory expectations for the collateralisation of the OTC derivative exposure, where REGIS-TR can leverage Clearstream's expertise in this field."

Jesús Benito, Managing Director of REGIS-TR, said: "The start of operations of REGIS-TR with a very short time-to-market marks a major step forward for the company and the materialization of a solution that aims to enhance transparency in the OTC derivatives market by providing regulators with a clear picture of the market, in this way building on the know-how and years of experience of

Iberclear in the operation of registries. The interest expressed by Iberia and Telefónica to participate as pilots is further proof of the interest our trade repository has generated among financial and non-financial institutions."

REGIS-TR collects and administers details of all OTC transactions reported by users, giving market participants and regulators access to a consolidated global view of these OTC derivative positions - an overview that was not available until now, but sought for by regulators. REGIS-TR complies with all new regulatory proposals that have been made public and serves both financial and non-financial institutions. The trade repository aims to deliver flexible participation levels that adapt to the diverse profiles and needs of all stakeholders and actors in the OTC derivatives market.

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