Collis reports Visa confirmation

Source: Collis

Collis announces today that Visa has confirmed the Collis Brand Test Tool for the latest Visa ADVT module according to the ADVT Test Plan 6.0.

The Collis Brand Test Tool (Collis BTT) provides a unique solution to enable terminal acquirers and vendors to validate the payment brand acceptance on EMV terminals (POS or ATMs). As part of its continuous efforts to support customers worldwide, Collis has implemented an update in the Collis BTT based on the latest test plan ADVT 6.0. Collis is pleased to announce that this ADVT 6.0 implementation in the Collis BTT has recently been confirmed by Visa Inc.

Use of ADVT is mandatory prior to device deployment in situations where an acquirer has either modified software on an existing device or is in the process of installing a new reader to support Visa acceptance.

The Collis BTT is used to test the behaviour of a terminal according to the payment scheme rules without the need of physical test cards. It is a terminal testing solution for both contact and contactless payments. The Collis BTT enables a terminal to be tested within the environment of use and within the brand settings that will be used in the field. The ultimate goal of tests performed by the Collis BTT is to have an EMV-compliant and payment association-certified terminal that can perform trouble-free transactions within the entire payment infrastructure.

Berend van Geffen, Chief Commercial Officer at Collis comments: "The Collis BTT is a total integrated solution for payment scheme testing. The automated execution of required tests and pre-deployment detection of interoperability issues ensures a trouble-free go-live process and a shorter time-to-market. Using the Collis BTT, terminal vendors, processors and acquirers can achieve fast and efficient ADVT compliant terminals and host systems. "

Separately, Collis announces today that Visa has confirmed the latest Visa Global Chip Card Personalisation Validation Requirements (GCCPVR 2.0) implementation for use in connection with Visa Inc. programs in the Collis EMV Personalisation Validation Tool.

The Collis EMV Personalisation Validation Tool (Collis EMV PVT) is a market leading tool designed to check if your cards are personalised correctly. The Collis EMV PVT gives you reliable quality control over the personalisation process. As a Card Issuer or Personalisation Bureau, you can ensure that your cards have been developed according to the mandatory card personalisation regulations from the payment associations. You are able to check the consistency between magnetic stripe data, contact chip data, contactless chip data and embossing data. The Collis EMV PVT has an easy-to-use user interface and is customisable. It can be used during development and production. This helps to ensure that you have correctly personalised interoperable cards.

The Visa Module in the Collis EMV PVT includes the latest version of the GCCPVR specification version 2.0 which focuses on the correct personalisation of Visa Debit/Credit, Visa Electron, Plus, and dynamic passcode authentication applications. In addition to supporting existing Visa contact and contactless technologies (VIS 1.4.1, VCPS 2.0.2), this version of GCCPVR also covers brand new Visa standards, VIS 1.5.1 for contact, and VCPS 2.1.1 for contactless applications.

Maxim Dyachenko, Manager Test Tool Development at Collis, comments: "Collis is very pleased that the Collis EMV PVT's GCCPVR implementation has been confirmed by Visa for use in connection with Visa Inc. programs. The Collis EMV PVT is an award winning test tool used for testing and quality assurance by customers worldwide. First to market with the GCCPVR 2.0 implementation, the Collis EMV PVT continues to offer the latest in comprehensive testing for card personalisation. With extensive coverage of Visa test scenarios, this test tool is a must have for those parties who wish to ensure correct card personalisation and enable global acceptance. "

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