Orc connect to BM&FBovespa exchange

Source: Orc Software

Orc Software (SSE: ORC), a leading provider of technology and services for the global financial industry, announced today complete connectivity to Brazil's BM&FBOVESPA exchange for futures, options and equities instruments, and that Orc will be one of the first companies to support BM&FBOVESPA's new market data framework delivering higher performance and reliability.

Orc, as one of the first software providers to support BM&FBOVESPA's new market data framework, known as the BM&FBOVESPA UMDF and based on the global FAST market data messaging standard, will be able to provide clients with the best trading experience to BM&FBOVESPA. This allows Orc clients to enjoy full, high performance native market access to this important and growing exchange with the performance benefits that BM&FBOVESPA's market data enhancements provide.

The FAST protocol, based on the industry standard FIX protocol, has rapidly become the preferred choice for delivering market data quickly and reliably. Deployment of FAST market data at the exchange has resulted in a 50% reduction in bandwidth on the BOVESPA segment and a 200% reduction in bandwidth on the BM&F segment. This lets firms handle more market data quickly and easily without network bandwidth delays.

Ruben Guerrero, Strategic Partnerships Manager at Orc Software, comments, "Brazil is a strategic market for Orc, and BM&FBOVESPA is growing rapidly. Our clients demand the best possible trading experience when trading in Brazil. With our native market access to BM&FBOVESPA and support for its new market data distribution protocol, our clients will be able to trade more instruments, more quickly and take advantage of the opportunities available in this market."

Marcio Castro, IT Director for Matching Systems at BM&FBOVESPA, notes, "BM&FBOVESPA's adoption of FAST for market data was an important step for our exchange. We are happy to see Orc delivering a powerful connection to our exchange taking advantage of this technology. We look forward to adding new clients to our exchange that need the high performance that BM&FBOVESPA and Orc can provide."

Traders will be able to use Orc's connection to BM&FBOVESPA for deploying sophisticated trading strategies including futures spread trading, market making, volatility trading and other advanced arbitrages. Using Orc's Liquidator server-based technology, firms can co-locate at BM&FBOVESPA to minimize their latency. Clients can take advantage of out-of-the-box trading solutions like Orc Spreader that provide the high performance needed to help traders win more market opportunities.

The Orc Trading solutions are used by leading financial firms worldwide for market making, volatility trading and high frequency trading. Together with access to the major cash and derivatives markets and a network of brokers, this is truly an unmatched offering. Orc Trading is available both as deployed software and as a managed service.

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