CQG co-locates at Nyse Liffe

Source: CQG

CQG, Inc., the industry-leading order execution, charting, and analytics provider for global, electronically-traded securities, today announced that its spreader core servers are now located at Basildon, a state-of-the-art data center thirty miles east of London, in direct proximity to the NYSE Liffe system.

The NYSE Liffe market itself migrated from Cannon Bridge to Basildon at the end of October and was ready at market open on November 1st. CQG quickly followed and is currently the only independent software vendor (ISV) with a trading platform collocated at Basildon.

"No other ISV offers fully-hosted proximity access to the NYSE Liffe market," said Brian Vancil, Vice President of Exchange Relations at CQG. "This is part of our commitment to our spreader customers to give them the lowest possible latency at exchanges around the globe. And the performance advantages to all those who trade NYSE Liffe through CQG are obvious and significant."

CQG's collocation with NYSE Liffe Basildon has a positive impact on traders who rely on ultra-low-latency and a server-side advantage in spread trading and aggregation. For spread traders, the close proximity of CQG's collocated servers allows modification and execution of second legs to occur in less than a millisecond. CQG spreader servers, located at Basildon, efficiently utilize three times faster exchange connections as compared to Cannon Bridge.

As a back-up for customers, CQG will run both the new setup and old in parallel as long as necessary.

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