Hypercom SmartPayments Wynid platform gets PCI DSS certification

Source: Hypercom

High security electronic payment and digital transaction solutions provider Hypercom Corporation (NYSE: HYC) today announced that its high security SmartPayments Wynid hosted payment platform has achieved PCI DSS certification.

"We deliver the most effective security solutions through continuous innovation and a singular focus on our customers. Achieving certification on this stringent security standard further protects retailers and cardholders and fortifies our position in the marketplace," said T.K. Cheung, Vice President Global Quality and Security, Hypercom Corporation. "SmartPayments Wynid is our premier integrated payment solution, a hosted platform that can be widely used by retailers to help safeguard the integrity of their transactions."

With Hypercom's SmartPayments Wynid solution, cardholders are ensured a secure and seamless payment transaction, using magnetic stripe, chip or contactless cards. Retailers benefit from the ease and efficiency of the centralized transaction routing system, which enables them to proactively manage card payments from all their points of sale across a network of many different stores. The SmartPayments Wynid hosted solution provides highly reliable, secure network access and unmatched speed for all transaction types.

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