ASX/SGX merger in 'Australia's economic interests' - Access Economics report

Source: ASX

ASX Group (ASX) has today released a report prepared by Access Economics entitled 'ASX-SGX: why the combination is in Australia's national interest'.

ASX engaged Access Economics to examine the Australian national interest implications to help inform the debate about the proposal to merge ASX Limited and Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX) to create the fifth largest securities exchange group in the world.

The Access Economics report concludes that the formation of ASX-SGX would promote Australia's national interest since it is highly likely to raise the economic welfare of Australians by:

* improving Australia's chances of becoming a financial services hub in Asia;
* improving the ability of Australians to diversify their savings; and
* lowering the cost of capital for Australian companies.

Furthermore, the report finds that the merger is not contrary to Australia's national interest since:

* ASX will continue to operate in Australia and be regulated by Australian authorities.

The report also finds that SGX is the most logical merger partner for ASX given that the bulk of future capital flows into Australian investment projects will come from Asia, and because ASX and SGX have many complementary business features.

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