Ingenico rolls out remote terminal update for Credit Agricole

Source: Ingenico

Ingenico (Euronext: FR0000125346 - ING), world leader in payment solutions, today announced the roll out of its new externalised remote payment terminal update solution.

CEDICAM, the Crédit Agricole Group's Payments subsidiary, selected this solution to externalize a service previously operated internally. Those benefiting from this service include the Crédit Agricole Group's entities (Regional Banks, LCL, subsidiaries managing a pool of terminals). The solution implemented by Ingenico, in which CEDICAM and several of the Group's Pilot entities have played a large role in achieving the requested level of quality, manages the 185,000 Ingenico terminals used by the Crédit Agricole Group (Regional Banks and LCL) and supports all means of communication: IP (ADSL or GPRS) and RTC. CEDICAM is responsible for controlling the download service for the pool of electronic payment terminals on a nationwide scale on behalf of the Crédit Agricole Group's entities.

Ingenico ensures full management of the solution: definition, configuration and daily management of the hosted servers; support for setting up download campaigns; server operations in the PCI DSS environment.

For RTC terminals accessing the download server via a modem, a telecommunication infrastructure processing call collection has enabled an end-to-end solution to be produced, including a toll free scheme. Detailed daily feedback is used to produce a terminal-specific report so as to monitor the download actions (campaigns activated by banks, manual downloads and recurring downloads of the electronic payment terminals, when the latter have been activated by the group's entities).

Ingenico has thus fulfilled the Crédit Agricole Group's expectations:

* Providing a technical service to maintain the pool of terminals associated with a maintenance commitment for a high quality service comprising a Business Continuity Plan,
* Daily restitution of the download reports and monthly summary reports monitored within the scope of the technical control relationship ensured by CEDICAM,
* Optimization of the service costs.

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