GlobalPlatform qualified test tools set for launch

Source: GlobalPlatform

GlobalPlatform, the international body for smart card infrastructure development, has completed the validation of its first Card Specification v2.2 Test Suite that is designed to evaluate a product's compliance to the GlobalPlatform UICC Configuration, which supports the mobile services sector.

GlobalPlatform members participating in the association's compliance program can now expect the finalization of GlobalPlatform test tools qualification early next quarter.

Over the last twelve months, a series of workshops - the GlobalPlatform Test Fests - have been organized to bring together GlobalPlatform member organizations, tool suppliers and UICC manufacturers to validate the test suites and test tools.

Five test tool suppliers - Galitt, FIME, Trusted Labs, Barnes International and Collis - have all committed extensive resources to the initiative and are working towards the launch of GlobalPlatform Qualified Test Tools. FIME and Trusted Labs also provide laboratory services and have contributed their expertise, alongside card manufacturers Gemalto and Oberthur Technologies, which have played an active role in the compliance program since the inception of the Test Fest process.

Gil Bernabeu, GlobalPlatform's Technical Director, comments: "We are delighted to complete the validation process of the test suites. GlobalPlatform members are currently finalizing their test products before undertaking the next Test Fest in February 2011. At this point we expect to provide the GlobalPlatform Qualified logo to at least two test tool products which have been performing exceptionally and consistently well. These tools will be the first GlobalPlatform Qualified products to market for use by the wider industry."

All GlobalPlatform Qualified Test Tools will be listed on the GlobalPlatform website. These tools will have effectively integrated GlobalPlatform's functional test requirements, and accurately executed GlobalPlatform's test suite on multiple UICC products in a variety of multi-vendor and multi-tool combinations. Today, both contributing laboratories - FIME and Trusted Labs - have developed the pre-released version of the test suite and are in a position to provide extensive testing services to card manufacturers and issuers in pre in preparation for GlobalPlatform Qualification early next year, and to support the ever expanding market requirements regarding interoperability.

Gil concludes: "The role of the GlobalPlatform Compliance Program is to create a sustainable and scalable application management ecosystem which serves multiple actors and supports several business models. The success of this initiative is all thanks to our members and their participation and support of the program."

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