Polar Capital rolls out SunGard Monis

Source: Polar Capital

Polar Capital, a specialist asset management group with a broad family of diversified funds, has implemented SunGard's Monis XLand Monis Data Service solution for integrated convertible bond analysis, pricing and trading.

Polar Capital will use the solution to manage its portfolio of over 50 convertible positions, as well as to analyze and identify trading opportunities which fit within its specific geographic and sector requirements. Polar Capital needed a solution which could be implemented in a very short timeframe, and the Monis installation was complete within one week.

Polar Capital selected Monis for its open, customizable architecture. Monis XL's intuitive interface will help Polar Capital tailor its Excel-based solution views to display chosen inputs and calculated outputs, providing greater transparency into its portfolio risk. Monis' instrument and feature coverage, and its industry-standard analytics capabilities, will help Polar Capital better monitor its convertible positions and help ensure that it is accurately valuing its portfolios. Polar Capital will also use Monis Data Service for new issues data and terms and conditions for over 2,100 bonds, which directly integrate into the Monis XL portfolio. Finally, the solution's search capabilities will help Polar Capital set up watch lists that filter on the specific geographies and sectors it requires, helping improve efficiency when searching for trading opportunities.

David Keetley, portfolio manager of Polar ALVA Convertible Fund, said, "Our new convertibles fund needed a specialist solution to help us efficiently manage our large and growing convertible bond portfolios. We selected SunGard's Monis for the reliability of its data and market-standard analytics when monitoring our positions. The flexibility of the system has also helped us adapt to meet the exact needs of our business. At a time when issuance is strong, we needed a solution that could help us quickly identify suitable trading opportunities."

Gavin Lee, chief operating officer for SunGard's Monis business unit, said, "As convertible arbitrage strategies continue to perform well, hedge funds are investing in solutions that can accurately analyze and value positions. Monis can help Polar Capital to manage all aspects of its convertible portfolio, and our specialized focus on the convertibles market helps ensure we are among the first to know of, and incorporate, the emergence of innovations and features."

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