DST launches middle office analytics platform

Source: DST Global Solutions

DST Global Solutions, a leading provider of business solutions and services to the global investment management industry, today announces the launch of Anova, a platform that for the first time enables a global operating model to be implemented across the entire middle office analytics ecosystem.

Middle office analytics operations are often fragmented from both the geographic and analytical application perspectives. This causes inefficiencies and multiple points of failure, and increases the cost of ownership.

Anova is designed to change this scenario. It supports uninterrupted, round-the-clock global operations whilst providing the ability to access multiple analytical applications seamlessly, using a single set of aggregated data.

Anova covers all areas of middle office analytics - performance measurement, equity analytics, fixed income analytics, risk management, GIPS and post trade and regulatory compliance.

Although designed for investment firms of all sizes, Anova will also be of significant benefit to asset managers that have operations in more than one time zone, and to those that have off-shored activities or are considering this strategy for their middle office.

Anova's Global Operating Platform provides the ability to access the firm-wide analytical suite from any location worldwide, delivering a 24x7 continuous operation. The platform assembles the mass of analytical information generated across a plethora of applications and at multiple venues. It aligns application solutions with analytical needs, recognising that different combinations of analytics are used by asset class, styles, and risk and return profiles. Anova also includes a powerful and contemporary graphical user interface, designed to offer the ability to create and access 'Role-based Dashboards' to help manage the assets far more effectively by aggregating and harnessing the analysis from multiple sources.

A key client of Anova is one of the world's largest fund management companies and a long-standing client of DST Global Solutions. This global company manages over $1trillion in assets. It has four operational centres running on the Anova platform, fed from regional investment accounting engines, so the demands on the system are round-the-clock. Anova has helped this company to surpass service level agreements, while providing enhanced analysis and transparency to its clients.

Arun Sarwal, Chief Executive Officer of DST Global Solutions' Investment Management Solutions business line, commented: "It is no longer just about getting analytics, it's about getting the right analytics to the right people on time and with accurate content. The challenges are about aggregation and consolidation of processes and information with a scalable and cost efficient global operating model. Today this can be achieved through our Anova platform."

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