Verifone unveils wireless POS system; launches payments processing ASP

Source: VeriFone

VeriFone, Inc., the leading provider of payment solutions, today announced VeriFone Connect, an all-inclusive, turnkey service that enables both portable and countertop wireless point of sale payment.

VeriFone also announced an agreement with Verizon Wireless to provide CDMA service with VeriFone Connect bundled offerings.

Designed for resale through transaction processors and Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs), and ideal for VeriFone's recently announced Omni 3750 and Vx 610 CDMA solutions, VeriFone Connect CDMA Service bundles everything necessary for ISO's to quickly begin selling wireless point of sale (POS) that works, including:

  • Account set up, device provisioning, activation and deployment
  • Monthly Verizon Wireless service
  • Help desk support
  • Terminal management and billing

VeriFone Connect wraps all of this functionality into a predictable monthly flat rate cost model that doesn't impose gateway or per transaction fees on the ISO. Other VeriFone Connect bundles will be available later this year.

"VeriFone Connect is a total solution for ISOs and processors that enables them immediately to take advantage of and sell the benefits of the proven Verizon Wireless CDMA network for payment processing without having to invest in building infrastructure and new support capabilities," said Paul Rasori, vice president of marketing for VeriFone. "The new generation of wireless solutions provides the economics, reliability and ease of implementation that finally makes wireless a realistic alternative for ISOs."

Always-on wireless services provide merchants with cost-effective payment transactions almost anywhere, including sidewalks sales or line-busting inside their stores, or in home delivery of services and goods. It allows merchants to take advantage of the benefits of IP-based payment transactions without having to invest in or share wired broadband connections.

"Our agreement with VeriFone reflects Verizon Wireless's ongoing commitment to meet the needs of our customers by extending superior integrated wireless solutions for our customers." said Jim Straight, Vice President Verizon Wireless. "Verizon Wireless welcomes VeriFone's leadership in developing this innovative program to bring wireless payment systems into the mainstream."

VeriFone Connect will enhance and complement an ISO's existing portfolio of offerings, providing the ability to bundle offerings with aggregated services in a single solution - one bill, one point of contact for service and support. VeriFone Connect facilitates IP-based transactions with direct connectivity to major acquirers, which eliminates third-party gateways and results in lower fees to ISOs and elimination of an extra contract and potential point of failure.

For transaction processors, VeriFone Connect delivers a complete solution that is flexible and easy to integrate, eliminates the need to internally build third-party relationships, interfaces, support, and billing systems, and reduces organizational costs and set up time without giving up control over how customers are serviced and supported.

Separately, VeriFone, Inc., the leading provider of payment solutions, today announced IPCharge, a Web-based hosted payment processing solution that merchants can use to process payments quickly, securely and cost-effectively.

Designed for resale by Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs), IPCharge accommodates card-present, mail-order/telephone-order (MOTO), Web and ecommerce transactions and can be used by any merchant with Internet access.

IPCharge is a hosted service that ISOs and other value-added resellers (VARs) can provide to merchants to securely process payments in real-time over the Internet. The service is designed to support all major payment types, including credit, PIN-based debit, electronic checks, and gift/loyalty card transactions. IPCharge supports multiple bank processors, varied connectivity methods and can be offered as a total solution "Virtual Terminal" or integrated with electronic cash registers or point-of-sale (POS) terminals.

"IPCharge equips ISOs to manage their gateway business from start to finish, with the ability to remotely manage merchant accounts and all of their reseller/agent accounts from anywhere," said Bud Waller, executive vice president, Integrated Systems, VeriFone. "VeriFone provides resellers with a single source for trusted payment processing solutions in any desired merchant environment."

IPCharge enables merchants to operate multiple business segments -- Web site, eCommerce, card-present, etc. -- through a single payment solution and can be integrated with existing ECR- or POS terminal-based solutions. As a hosted "thin client" payment solution that adheres to Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards, IPCharge can be set up within minutes to provide merchants with a secure payment processing solution that handles and protects cardholder data.

IPCharge complements a range of VeriFone solutions, including PC- and server-based products. Resellers can offer a full range of products and services through a single vendor and create a new stream of revenue by private labeling the IPCharge service to increase brand awareness and loyalty. IPCharge integration is simple and server-side maintenance keeps the reseller's application up-to-date and compliant with card association and processor regulations.

Application developers can integrate IPCharge to develop recurring revenue opportunities. A Universal API ensures easy and flexible integration with a write-once interface eliminates the need to write additional code to suit the needs of different merchants. IPCharge utilizes a premier data center with no single point of failure to ensure reliable performance and is certified with a wide range of authorization networks.

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