SunGard unveils Adaptiv Riskbox

Source: SunGard

SunGard has launched Adaptiv Riskbox, a new market and credit risk solution that employs a results-centric approach to risk to help banks analyze, share and explain risk results quickly and accurately.

SunGard's Adaptiv Riskbox uses proven risk analytics embedded in a task-oriented solution to help firms streamline the daily risk production process. The solution's turn-key design offers rapid implementation and helps lower total cost of ownership.

Accurate risk information is essential to generating comprehensive, timely and reliable market risk reports on a daily basis. However, many institutions struggle with compiling an initial set of daily risk figures or creating an official VaR position. Adaptiv Riskbox helps to streamline this daily workflow by monitoring feeds, identifying errors and processing corrections on a single platform. With Adaptiv Riskbox, changes and corrections are incrementally applied to run only the relevant part of the calculation, helping to create a comprehensive and consistent view of risk. The system's intra-day correction and end-of-day workflow management tools allow risk managers to process, authorize and release approved data, helping make it easier to audit and recreate results for regulatory approval.

Juerg Hunziker, president of SunGard's Adaptiv and Front Arena business units, said,"Banks need to be able to credibly demonstrate they are in control of risk, yet they are spending a significant amount oftheir time preparing, checking and correcting risk numbers. This leaves precious little time to act upon them. Adaptiv Riskbox helps banks produce actionable risk results quickly and reliably. It's designed to handle the reality of a typical bank environment, with late feeds and incorrect data. The focus on the risk production process is what sets this solution apart from more fragile systems. In addition, its drill-down capabilities helps give users greater insight into the drivers of risk. Now the risk manager can explain the risk position to the business, and act as a partner rather than an adversary."

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